Project Description

Fusing pipe scope 90MM~250MM
Rated voltage A.C 220/230V, 50/60Hz
Power 3100W
Milling power 1100W
Heating power 2000W
Working temperature 0~300℃(PE,PP,PB,PVDF)
Environment temperature -5℃~45℃
Weight of machine 140.4kg
Cartons per machine 2PC
Carton size 920*620*450/780*630*630mm
Weight/carton 80.4/60kg

☆ 1 PCS machine

☆ 1 PCS heating plate

☆ 1 PCS milling tool

☆ 1 PCS holder stand

☆ 1 set of reducers D90*,D110,D125*,D140*,D160,D180*,D200,D225*