Transwell, the pionner in the field of plastic pipe welding2024-04-07T16:31:37+08:00

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Focus on the development of plastic pipe welding equipment.

Focus on the development of plastic pipe welding equipment.

Since 1996, we have 25 years experience on pipe welding solutions.

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We are the pioneer in the field of plastic pipe welding in China.

We have been engaged in the research, development, and production of plastic pipe welding equipment for more than 20 years.

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Focus on plastic pipe welding equipment for more than 20 years2022-07-27T16:20:53+08:00

For more than 20 years, our company has been devoted to the research, development, and production of plastic pipe welding machine, and strives to provide customers with better products by virtue of our leading technology, high innovation, abundant know-how, durability, and reliability of products, qualified staff and decades of experience.

New product development and Product customization2022-07-27T16:21:06+08:00

We always put product development in the first place. We try to learn more about the specific requirement of our clients all around the world and keep innovating our products. We have acquired many patents and become a registered trademark in China. We have three series of products and we can offer one-stop service to our clients.

Provide comprehensive and reliable integrated services to clients2022-07-27T16:21:17+08:00

Our goal is to continuously provide superior plastic pipe welding equipment, continue to innovate products, and provide various welding solutions. The expanding global sales and service network also lay a solid foundation for the steady development and winning more international reputation.

People-oriented, truth-seeking and pragmatic corporate philosophy2022-07-27T16:21:28+08:00

Based on the principle of “people-oriented, truth-seeking, and pragmatic”, our company focuses on technological innovation, and provides the users of plastic pipe with stable performance and excellent welding equipment based on quality. We keep improving ourselves in innovation, and the products have been sold to many countries and regions in the world.

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